JUST FOR TODAY: 30 days to make small changes for a BIG difference.
Nourish your mind and body with yoga, diet and lifestyle changes.

A sustainable approach to set and improve great habits in 30 days.
What are the keys to a radiant happy life?
What are simple life hacks that each of us can include to improve health, relationships and get inspired?
The book is based on fifteen years of offering wellness programs.
I found that one element alone such as physical work outs, going to attend yoga lessons or crash diets did not produce sustainable and effective results. However my more interesting finding was that a combination of mindfulness and meditation practices, gradual and progressive physical practice, conscious nourishment and guided relaxation techniques helped immensely to improve the overall quality of life.

Each page offers pointers in three key areas : Mind, body and nourishment.
Integrative practices to gradually improve health, relationships and spirit are included
Easy and fun guided meditation, exercises to get better sleep, remain more productive, creative and stay positive are included. The reader could choose to read one page a day , follow the guidelines as suggested and complete the entire course in the given period to get optimal benefits.

The book is simple to practice and does not require any products to supplement it. The suggestions are easy to implement and will help to get a good start to some great lifelong habits.

The book includes original art and photographs, yoga poses and sequeunces and and an index and healthy recipes.

Two other forthcoming books are Joyful Pregnancy – yoga practices for prenatal and postnatal health.
and Yoga for children.