We all wish to be happy and healthy and wish the same for the ones we love.
And yet it is a challenge to live happily and age gracefully for most of us. Our lives are dominated with needless worry, combined with the stress of urban living we almost drift into old age without counter measures to deal with them.

Ancient sciences like yoga, Tai chi and chi gong offer some time tested solutions.
Yoga is a gentle and beautiful way to work at our own pace and create better health and happiness outside and within our bodies.
It is now believed to be helpful in building stronger bodies, better posture, balance and flexibility.
As we grow older our bodies undergo changes which affect flexibility, endurance and strength.

The huge popularity of yoga in recent years points to the fact that it may be a contributing factor along with better diet and lifestyle changes
and keeping socially meaningfully engaged.

“If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
–Eubie Blake, age 100

Today we look at some yoga postures or asanas which help to build the core and enhance the quality of life – Be it getting up from a chair or bed more easilyor doing
our daily tasks with joy and vigour.

General guidelines:
Practice these slowly and mindfully
Rest between postures if you need to
Look for stability and safety first
Do what you can comfortably and gradually increase your practice.

Note: Do seek the advice of your medical care giver before starting this or any other exercise program. If you have specific conditions consult with your doctor first.