“I have had the fortune of studying yoga with Sujata over the last couple of years in a varying number of yoga styles, class sizes and one on one training.
In all this time there are two things about her teaching practice that have impressed me most – how personalised each session is to you regardless of whether you’re in a one on one session or in a class. She clearly attends to individual needs and circumstances without compromising the high standards of discipline and practice. Studying yoga with her is a holistic experience as her deep knowledge of it as a science, a practice and a philosophy is immense. She conducts her classes with grace, good humour and always always graciousness. You leave her classes ever richer in your understanding of yoga and yourself.
I cannot recommend her enough.”
AMT ( Singapore)

“Sujata is an amazing yoga teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. I really like her way of teaching – her instructions are very clear and easy to follow and at the same time Sujata makes sure that there is enough fun and humour involved. I have done yoga classes, mums and baby yoga classes and workshops with Sujata.
I can highly recommend Sujata’s workshops. She is a wonderful educator and I have learnt so much from her. She is very good at making you understand the theory easily and equips you with extremely useful practical solutions. It has been a joy to work with Sujata over the last four years and I hope that many others will get to experience her gifts.”

“Doing yoga with Sujata is like flying. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Sujata grabs immediately what’s wrong in the mind and body of her students, and she corrects each posture, she really cares.
I could feel and see the changes in my body and felt lighter and peaceful and taken care of. It’s a great sensation.
Sujata has a spiritual holistic approach. She is also a healer physically and spiritually.
I have only one regret : I had to move from Singapore and now I live so far away.
I would recommend Sujata to any yogini.
I’ve never found another teacher like her.”
Josiane Fondacaro

“Sujata does wonderful things with us in class and it brings joy to my heart. I really enjoy her classes and she uses so many nice names for the yoga poses. It opens my heart.”
Emilia ( age 6 years)

“Sujata is able to draw on different yogic practices and bring them together to create a class that is never dull and repetitive. I always leave her yoga sessions feeling focused and relaxed. Working under her tutelage has transformed my practice not just physically but mentally as well.”
Soumya Ayer